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This book was totally absorbing. My husband and son especially enjoyed it--both read it in 2 days. What a ride
This vivid account of the survival of one man's will to live is something that everyone should read, it's a truly amazing story. Dennis Hale tells his real life story through these pages of his SHIPWECKED book to his audience, it will captivate you for sure as you will feel as though you were there,yourself. THANK YOU FOR THIS LIfe CHANGING experience.
Well written story of the Daniel J. Morrell, a Great Lakes freighter that sank in 1966 on Lake Huron. Dennis Hale, the author, was the only survivor out of a crew of twenty-nine. The chapters about his growing up years and troubled youth are a little boring, but I think he had to set the stage for the events as they unfolded, and how he happened to be on that ship that night. Overall, though, a very interesting tale of survival on the Great Lakes.
Dennis Hale's story moved me. What a life and story. I heard him speak last year and couldn't wait for the book. I wasn't disappointed.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis Hale at one of his lectures while I was vacationing in Door County, WI in June 2012. His captivating story enthralled his audience and compelled me to purchase his book, which I completed within two days. Alternating between his experiences while on the raft in Lake Huron and events from his childhood that led him to be a hand on the Morrell, the author weaves an interesting account of his survival, both of his earlier hardships and the shipwreck.

Hello Dennis...and THANK YOU for writing your incredible book "Shipwrecked". One of our Book Club members, Connie, has the pleasure of meeting your last summer and learned about your book you wrote.

Our Book Club chose to read it and we just met last night to discuss your very moving story. Everyone agreed that your book was a fantastic read...comments like "I couldn't put it down" were mentioned by everyone there. All of us want to thank you for sharing your story of the Daniel J Morrell ship you sailed on. It is truly a miracle that your lived to tell about this. We are grateful that you shared this experience through your writing of Shipwrecked.

I don't think any one of us will ever go out in a cold Minnesota winter without thinking of you and how your faith helped you survive. Thank you, again, for sharing your life story with us.
The Montevideo Book Club
Conne, Sue, Dar, Sue, Debbie, Julie, Jackie and Kathy