Dennis Hale, center, smiles broadly as he shows the lifejacket that saved his life in the wreck of the Daniel J. Morrell.


Event Schedule:

Dennis will not be attending any future events due to his death on Wed., Sept. 2, 2015 from cancer.  You may still shop the store but some items, such as signed books, and shirts, are in a limited supply.  Email to before placing your order to make sure it is available.  Books will be available signed, in a limited supply, or unsigned.

We have been working on what has become known as “The Morrell Project” with a gentleman from the Green Bay area in WI, John DeBeck, for over 2 years now.  He has done a tremendous amount of research & interviews with families of the Morrell crew and has written a book that is now in the printing stage. Please keep a look out for his new book. We will have it available on this website as well.

  If you’d care to check out how the “Morrell Project” is going, there’s a group link on Facebook.  It is